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1、Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Most of the environmental issues are too complicated today. Individuals cannot do anything about them.


Nowadays, there is a growing tendency for individuals to turn eyes to the environmental issue which has given rise to heated debates among populace. A flock of individuals deem that with limited capabilities, they can do nothing to alleviate the problems. However, as a proactive person with an ardent passion to bring my innate potentials to full swing, I believe that there are myriads of things we can do to help solve environmental problems if we really care about our living environment and the future prospect of our planet.

In the past, we can make a living by ourselves. The foods we ate, we grew them in our fields; the clothes we wore, we made them at home; the houses we built, we created them with our own hands. As the wheels of globalization roll on, however, individuals are slowly taking control over their destiny. In a so-called global village, everything is interconnected. The world we live in is becoming a smaller place and we are inevitably affected by others, while the influence we can exert on the outside is augmenting each single day. It is very natural that we no longer believe we can do nothing remarkably crucial to change the world for the better.

Granted, environmental problems are typically highly complicated, but since we are connected with each other we can work together to multiply draconian endeavors to brace against environmental problems. Let's get down to the fundamentals and agree that nothing can be done if we keeps underestimating the influence of our concerted efforts. When we want to restore a polluted lake, for instance, we must come up with a very comprehensive plan and make meticulous efforts as well as make sure that a well-conceived plan is properly implemented to fruition. All the previous tasks need to be completed by individuals in that any one of the complicated task requires the single effort of an individual.

Last but not the least, it is hard to deny that the change of individuals' consciousness toward environment is the key to solve environmental pollution. Government institutions such as the Environmental Protection Agency have the authority to create wild life reserves, fund research of sustainable energy source and implement other laws and measures to protect the eco-stability. However, these measures will get the most out of its usefulness only when every individual is equipped with a environmentally-friendly thought and implement it in one's daily life.

In conclusion, the past decade has witnessed tremendous technological changes and the ever-increasing environmental pollution. As an individual, we can start from ourselves to live a green life and influences others to join us. So if we have some good ideas to protect our earth, we can make good use of online communication tools to influence others and help to transmit the low-carbon lifestyle. It is my ultimate attitude that everyone takes a small a step, the world will progress a big step.