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1、What kind of job will you choose? To choose a job through which you can get a lot of money or to choose a job through which you can get great


When choosing a job, I’m more interested in earning large amounts of money than job satisfaction.

To begin with, money is the most essential factor. If you want to live a certain lifestyle, you need to make enough money to support that standard of living. Take my self as an example, in order to live a decent life, I have to pay all kind of bills, such as rent for my apartment, utility bills and food.

Second, money can be an important yardstick. Basically, high positions offer better salaries. For sales people, business owners, and others whose incomes are largely tied to their work performance, any increase in income generally means that they’re doing a better job.

2、Among the following three professions, which do you think make the biggest contribution to society? Nurse; elementary school teacher;artists


In my opinion, nurse makes the biggest contribution to society, because their job descriptions require more responsibilities and skills, such as medical training and tests. Instead of teaching or performing, they save people’s lives, which is the primal element of the structure of our society. Apart from that, my cousin works as a nurse in a hospital.

Although sometimes it’s easy to be mistaken by patients and their families, she’s still taking care of them with patience and respect. Her way of treating others sets a good example for all of us to follow. People became more understanding and tolerant in our community.